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Green Cleaning

In an effort to limit damage to the environment, we have all of our technicians certified by the Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) in the latest methods and products of green cleaning available.

Green Cleaning

Eco.Green brings the highest technology of janitorial & disinfection to your home or facility. Eco.Green certifies your sanitized healthier environment and protection against outbreaks throughout your building and staff. Eco.Green offers a manual disinfection service utilizing hospital grade disinfecting chemicals that are also used by major airliners. 

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Not Your Average Cleaners

Commercial cleaning is more than just bleach in a bucket. There are safety protocols and standards to be met in order to ensure all jobs are done properly and thoroughly for the safety of anyone entering the site. All of our technicians are fully certified and trained to handle any environment, from hospitals to biohazard spills. For us, when it comes to health and safety, there's no room for error.